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Starwatcher podcast #4 - Andre Retterath - Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital

Starwatcher podcast #4 - Andre Retterath - Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital

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Today my guest is Andre Retterath - Partner at Early Bird Venture Capital and founder of Data-driven VC Newsletter. If you are listening to this podcast and haven't signed up already, you probably should do it. Andre is one of the pioneers in data-driven investing approach, have done academic research in the field and also he is hands an practitioner.

In our conversation we talk about his academic journey, augmented VC approach and where does gut feel fits in, VC-founder fit and how data is changing way both sides find each other. And also Andre gives some practical tips for those who want to start their data-driven VC journey.


- Background and how Andre got into VC industry

- On intersection between practical and academic sides

- Why VC's are not more data-driven - culture, data

- Gut feeling, biases and dependence on network

- State of data-driven vc industry

- First wave of big data in vc industry and why it died

- Data-driven landscape insights

- VC value chain

- Who are driving change in VC industry

- Investment thesis - hard, soft criteria and alignment of partners

- Concept of augmented VC approach

- It's not only about finding the deal but also getting into the deal

- Founders don't want to work with algorithm

- Room for gut feel

- Augmented VC article

- Early bird Eagle eye investment platform

- Information democratisation through chat interface

- Using OpenAI and dealing with sensitivity of data

- Big public models vs. smaller internal models

- AI impact on productivity

- Thoughts on agents

- Data-driven investing from founder side

- Future of finding VC-founder fit

- Thesis matchmaking

- Data-driven innovations in VC industry

- Practical tips for VC firms who want to start data-driven approach

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