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Starwatcher podcast #3 - Pietro Casella from EQT

Starwatcher podcast #3 - Pietro Casella from EQT

Data-driven landscape and how it is shaped by data and AI

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Show notes

- Pietro’s background and journey from consulting to EQT Labs

- Building digital culture at EQT

- Three generations of Motherbrain and way ahead

- Potential for data-driven private equity

- Fishing vs. hunting. Noticing company vs. finding one.

- Implementing digital transformation at EQT

- Importance of having someone at the top who is excited about the change

- ChatGPT revolution

AI Generation
AI's next frontier: building and investing in Large Language Models
Note for mobile readers: we use many animated gifs to showcase the applications discussed and, for that reason, we recommend you use a laptop and browser for the optimal reading experience. Why language is everything Language, the ability to write and speak, is humanity's most important invention and is what sets us apart from other species. It enables us…
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- Three stages of AI awareness

- Illusions of AI strategy

-, Intercom.

- Sam Altmen congress hearing quote - AI doesn't perform jobs, it performs tasks

- Validating mental model against ChatGPT

- Second and third order effects of AI.

- AI first thinking in every industry and AI driven bakery

- Million idea anxiety

- Concept of craftsmanship developers

- Kevin Kelly 1000 true fans

- Zed IDE

- AI first experience

- Emergence of agents

- Challenges with AI tools

- Hugging Face, Prefect. Code-less functions

- In-house models vs. “big ones”.

- Helm model benchmark

- Vibe test of models

- Anthropic 100k context model

- GPT4 explaining GPT2

- Model psychology

- Model alignment and right prompting

- Anxiety about AI disrupting companies

- Working on 10 year bets

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